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At Need Fast Cash we do not provide loan on our own, but provide you all the information you need to know ahead of applying for a loan. We just help you compare loan deals, know the benefits and then apply for the one that best fits your requirement. Further, we strongly advise you to opt for independent professional advice obtained before you purchase a loan.

The privacy of our customers is treated with utmost importance by us. Here, we employ the most advanced and safest ways to keep your privacy intact. So, you are requested to go through our privacy statement before applying. Browsing through the website will be considered as your consent to abide by the privacy statement.

We at Quick Loan will never forward or share or disclose, your personal information with any third party. However, to find you the best deal, we may need to share your information with various lenders. Cookies are used here to keep your information.

While applying with us you have to provide us your personal and financial information such as your name, postal address, security service number and many more. Such information is collected by us with the sole purpose of serving you in a better way. Further, we use this information to update you about our services or contact you whenever required.

You can go through the pages of our website without giving us any of your details. Here, we do not ask and collect the personal information of the visitors, without their consent. So, you can freely surf our website anonymously.

At Quick Loan we reserve the right to make changes in the privacy policy. Without any former indication we can make changes. We will notify about any such change in the website. So, you are requested to visit the privacy policy page from time to time!